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I am from Turkey. I came to South Africa to create a new life. "I am a practicing non- medical hypnotherapist CHT, CPTF "

I strongly believe everything happens for a reason. I have had and continue to have obstacles and challenges in my life. I am grateful for having had them as that helps me to connect and understand people better when I interact with them.

When I assist clients to overcome their obstacles and challenges and seeing positive changes in their lives my heart feels fulfilled.

I accept people as they are I open my heart and listen with compassion in a non-judgmental way.

I always believe there is a reason that people do certain things regardless of whether it is right or wrong. Most of the time I also question what is wrong according to whom? That's why I don't judge people.

I have studied several modalities over the years. Since I started to learn about hypnotherapy I fell in love with it. Hypnosis is such a powerful short and quick technique that I wanted to learn more and more about it.

I believe that if you want to get from A to Z there are so many different pathways to get there. You can use so many different modalities.

However hypnotherapy (non-medical) is the most direct, powerful and long lasting technique to use to get to Z.

You have your internal resources and I have my tools and knowledge. I am committed to give from my heart, my best to support and walk with you in your journey, once you commit to it and you allow yourself to work as a team with me to get fast quick and long lasting results to overcome and resolve what you are ready to change! 

As Neurologist Dr Joe Dispenza says: “You can't create your life from stress.”

I will guide you into a relaxed calm state so we can create a life you want and be the person who you really want to be. I will bring my uniqueness and manner into each session. I strongly believe everybody is an expert in their own lives I connect you into your own inner resources, I guide you to release what you need to release so that you can create the life that you want!

I started to create the life that I wanted when I started to learn hypnotherapy I learnt to change, grow and heal. I fall in love with the teqnigue then decided to become a hypnotherapist. I would highly recommend that you study Hypnotherapy by SAIH. It is not because you should become a hypnotherapist but rather to create your own self realization, learning, growing and healing.

I am a Hypnoterapist (non-medical) CHT, CPTF 

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