Therapy Sessions using Hypnotherapy (non-medical)  

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Therapy Sessions using Hypnotherapy

What is unique about my technique as a Hypnosis Practitioner?

I use Client Centered hypnotherapy (non medical) which means I do not apply any of my own ideas nor do I lead you to do certain things. It is a journey that I walk with you on.

You have been living your life all those years so you know exactly what is good or bad for you, if you choose to listen to your inner guidance.

What will I do? I will take you into a relaxed and calm state by using hypnotherapy (non medical)  I shall then guide you to connect with your inner resources. When we connect with your inner resources we can easily and effortlessly find out how you can overcome the issues in your life.  

How I work Before we do anything ask yourself this question and be honest with yourself “Do I really want to change, heal and get better?”

If yes then continue.

If you decide to work with me on your obstacle(s) I would highly recommend to commit yourself at least for 3 sessions depending on the issue that you want to work on.

Why 3 sessions?
Because most people experience a huge difference after the first session where others need a couple more. On average three sessions are enough to start reaching your desired outcomes and to make a significant difference.

If you wish you are wellcome to postpone or cancel the rest of the session(s). (This is your journey and I shall walk with you) However if you do not cancel before 24 hours. I will have to charge the full amount.

Before our first session, the day or two days before our appointment I will ask you to write up your story. What do you want to work on? How come you want to overcome it? What is your motivation behind it? What is your intention from the sessions?

Be honest with yourself. If you feel it is necessary to mention or you think it could be linked to anything from your childhood please add that in. You may begin to feel some emotions while writing your story, if so write those emotions down as well. You might surprise yourself how healing it could be for you only writing up your story.

You can email to me your storyThis will help us to save time when we are together. By doing this we are both preparing our subconscious minds for the session. This also ensures we will not miss a question or an important piece of information.

If you feel it is important for me to know of any medical history add it as well please, don’t forget to add your birthday.
I would highly recommend that do not make any plans after our session. Relax and spend time with yourself because your powerful subconscious mind will be working. Your subconscious mind might send you valuable information, memories or you might have aha moments that can happen when you are relaxed and ready to receive it.

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