Testimonials offered by our Clients

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Testimonials offered by our Clients

Some feed back from my clients

In my 40’s, standing at 1.84m and weighing just under 80kg I cut a lanky figure. My physique goals of my 20’s seemed like mere pipe dreams. Faraway and half forgotten. I struggled in the gym and had very little motivation. Untill Ilkay sorted me out. Just one session triggered a power surge in me. I deadlifted 165kg ( and have the photo to prove it) since then my enthusiasm for gym has skyrocketed. And just as well as it is no longer for vanity but for my health. I cant thank Ilkay enough for reigniting my passion!

Theres a beautiful saying “the cobblers son is always bare-feet” It was exactly like that with me.
As someone who has the knowledge and understands what to do, as I’ve been a practising hypnotherapist for over 15 years, it was not easy to take the time and energy to focus on myself. Then along came Ilkay, filled with self confidence and highly enthusiastic.
I chose to allow her to be my hypnotherapist and emotional guide. At the first session I can openly admit to spending far too much energy on analysing her technique and how it differed from mine. After realising she showed a high level of competency I began to “let go”
At the second session I suspend all conscious thoughts and went with her directions. The results were amazing. By the end of the third session I couldn’t believe that I had not chosen to be more proactive about sorting myself out sooner. Then again, maybe I needed Ilkay in my life.
I would have ZERO hesitation in recommending her as a highly competent hypnotherapist. 

Ilkay is incredibly skilled in her craft and engages with a kind heart. I found the session of hypnosis with her to be a great experience. In order to heal, we have to take a journey inside us and into our past, where usually we refuse to go. Ilkay has a real gentle way in guiding you there at ease, friendly and professional. She has an amazing gift, I would recommend her to anyone she can help us explore and understand this journey better... 

Thank you for an amazing session. I really enjoyed the hypnosis session we had. It was very relaxing and beneficial. There has been a huge improvement for me since the session.. Thank you once again.

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