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Do you experience stress or anxiety?

Homeostasis is the harmonious state between mind and body. The body’s instinctive response to danger, real or imagined, is to activate the fight or flight response. Continuous stressful encounters may disrupt the state of homeostasis. This will result in experiencing the symptoms of stress and anxiety.. If symptoms continue this is a sign that your body and mind are not working harmoniously as one.
Stress is the reaction of the autonomic nervous system to real or imagined danger. It is the human body's instinctive defense against attack. In the event of a threatened or actual physical attack the fight or flight mechanisms kick in and system releases adrenaline to boost the body's ability to fight off the attacker or run away quicker than normal.

Most common symptoms of stress are:
                • Anxiety, panic attack, depression
                • Anxious feelings, especially in the stomach
                • Acute or Chronic Stress
                • Migraine, headaches, back pain
                • Irritability and temper outbursts
                • Low self esteem
                • Constantly worrying and thinking negatively
                • Drinking or smoking more than usual
                • Less or more eating
                • Sleeping problems
                • Unwillingness to socialise
                • Concentration and retain issue
                • Lack of motivation

I am able to help you though all of this, bringing your body back into balance, creating harmony using a technique called Engaging Relaxation Respond.
The RELAXATION RESPOND is a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress... and the opposite of the "FIGHT AND FLIGHT RESPONSE’
Herbert Benson M.D Associate Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical school  

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