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Spiritual Hypnosis Practices

A lot of people know and pay attention to the mind and body connection however most of us forget the spiritual part of ourselves. I believe that it is very important to have balance and harmony of MIND BODY and SPIRIT.

Do you ever experience an emotional disconnection?

Loss, grief, deeply disturbing relationship or life issue?

Do you have questions such as:

• “What is my purpose?”  

• “What’s the right decision to make?”

• “What is the next step?”

Do you ever feel as if you’re disconnected or empty? Feeling of separation, loss of faith, a sense of aloneness?

Contact me so I can guide you to connect with whatever connection means for you.

Specialists at Mayo Clinic recognize that many complementary and alternative medical treatments, such as hypnosis, can help promote physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Mayo specialists are skilled at integrating hypnosis into your overall treatment plan, if appropriate.

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