Prices of Hypnotherapy Sessions

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Prices of Hypnotherapy Sessions

Session is R450 at least +-1 30 hours.

SPECIAL 1 if you commit 2 sessions and pay upfront it is R800

SPECIAL 2 If you commit 3 sessions and pay upfront it is R1200

NOTE timing is an estimate as I don’t like to limit myself and my input. I will finish the session when I feel you have enough for the session.


You need to commit to two sessions.

For two sessions R1500

Reinforcement (if needed) FREE

Note when smoking has a link to a deep rooted issue we might need to deal with it first then we can deal with the smoking issue.

Some people do not really want to stop smoking they choose to stop because of friends, family or save up. When this is the case you will only waste your money and time. Its very important to have willingness to stop smoking for yourself not for others.

If you have any questions you are more than wellcome to make contact with me.  

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