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Inner Conflict

Do you have different voices and that voices wanting different things?

Do you ever experience that voices disagree on something and that make you tired, drain maybe prevent you from having a good nights sleep?

That’s all normal we all have different voices, aspect and parts that wants different things.

For example I love shopping, part of me wants to shop all the time where other parts of me keep reminding me my budget.

One of the unique techniques that can assist you is Part Therapy.

Part Therapy originally pioneered by Charles Tebbettes during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Tebbetts asked Roy Hunter, PhD, FAPHP to continue his work.

My mentor Claudia Klein (CHT) owner and instructors of SAIH and the Master mind Training Centres, has been taught by Roy hunter (internationally well know as a Part Therapy Faciltator) and bring the technique to South Africa. She is the only Part Therapy trainer in South Africa. 

Contact me, it would be nice if we can find a way for your parts (aspects) to communicate, to find agreeable solutions within each other so that you are able to achieve inner harmony and balance. 

Part Therapy technique have a high success rate to helping clients resolve inner conflict(s). 

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