OCD and Complusive Behaviour 

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OCD and Complusive Behaviour with
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Are you battling ocd or compulsive behaviour patterns?

Most people struggle to stop compulsive behaviour or any other behaviours, thoughts or urges by using will power and determination. Most of the time it does not work because of the law of reversed effect.

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to stop something and you start to think more about it?

This is the problem with willpower and determination-the harder you try and do something the more difficult it becomes. It creates internal resistance causing the habit to return.

Many people suffer from obsessive behaviour such as; Germophobes, Neat Freak, Compulsive Shopping, Compulsive Washing, Constant Checking and much more .

Anxiety and Ego is a well know trigger of ocd. The worse your anxiety becomes, the worse your ocd symptoms get. 

Also ocd is often triggered by self-esteem issues. It is effected by Ego obsessive compulsive thoughts and urges. It is a cycle that can be hard to break which is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis can assist you to have a deep calming and relaxed mind. That can help you to replace your negative ocd thoughts, behaviours and urges with positive thoughts, behaviours and urges. You can also realize that the problem is happening all in your mind.

It does not matter which category you fall into, ocd or compulsive behaviour. Every habit disorder and behaviour has an underlying reason.

Contact me I can assist you in your journey, we can find out underlying reason what is causing compulsive behaviour or ocd

After in-depth research, the Mayo Clinic has recommended that the best way to treat compulsive behaviour patterns, is by means of hypnotherapy, combined with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

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