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As a Hypnosis Practitioner I am happy to be a part of your journey, I’m waiting to hear your story with an open heart and compassion in a safe environment.

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Stress and Anxiety

When the mind and body are in balance, it is called homeostasis. The function of homeostasis is to see that after a time of stress or injury the body will return together harmoniously.

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Sleeping issues may differ from person to person because everybody needs different hours sleep. Insomnia is defined by the quality of your sleep not the number of hours you sleep

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Pain Management

Pain is a message from our body that tells us something is wrong with our body and you are not in a state of inner harmony.  

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Have you ever been in a situation where you can not re call information that you do known, you know?

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Stop Smoking

By reading this it means that part of you wants to be free from the habit of smoking.

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Complusive Behaviour

Are you battling ocd or compulsive behaviour patterns? Most people struggle to stop compulsive behaviour or any other behaviours.

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Part Therapy

 Do you have different voices and that voices wanting different things? Do you ever experience that voices disagree on something and that make you tired. 

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Spiritual Hypnosis

A lot of people know and pay attention to the mind and body connection however most of us forget the spiritual part of ourselves. 

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Past Lives

A very powerful technique that has the ability to help a person with personal growth on all levels (body, mind, soul) is through Past Life Regression.

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Is your life busy, always on the go, constant stress and headaches, regularly notice that you’re being short tempered? You need my help

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In most cases when we are small we judged a lot by authority figures. That lead us to a drop in our confidence level. Or maybe you just want to boost your confidence level?

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And Others

"Kindly contact me if you require assistance with a condition not listed

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What is unique about my technique?

As a a Hypnosis Practitioner I use client Centered hypnotherapy (non-medical) which means I do not apply any of my ideas nor do not lead you to do certain things. It is a journey that I walk with you on.

You have been living your life all those years so you know exactly what is good or bad for you, if you choose to listen to your inner guidance.

What will I do? I will take you into a relaxed and calm state by using hypnotherapy. I shall then guide you to connect with your inner resources. When we connect with your inner resources we can easily and effortlessly find out how you can overcome issues in your life.

What is and what is not hypnosis

As a hypnosis practitioner, I use client-centered hypnotherapy which means my intent is to heal people, I do not have the intent of entertainment like a stage hypnosis in mind. You may have seen stage hypnosis on the TV where people cluck like a chicken or do funny things. This is not what I do.

My only intent from our session is to assist you to get the outcomes that you want. You are always in control in hypnosis. You will only do anything you want to do.

Some people experience wonderful feelings of relaxation or a feeling of heaviness or lightness with a highly focused mind during hypnosis. Where your subconscious mind allows itself to be opened up to accept suggestions but only suggestions that it knows are for your benefit. It is very similar to a guided mediation where I guide you to get the best out of our session together.

Throughout our session you will always be in control and there will be dialogue between us to help me guide you. 

You will remember everything that is important for you. Depending on you and the issues we work on it generally takes 1 hour to 1 ½ hours.  

If you are seeing a medical doctor I would highly recommend you continue seeing them. My aim is not to replace any existing treatment but to rather work as a complementary treatment to existing modalities.

Hypnosis is one of the fastest quickest modalities to achieve results. Most people experience a huge difference after the first session where others need a couple of sessions. On average three sessions are enough to start reaching desired outcomes or to make a significant difference. If you wish you can do a lot with self-hypnosis. Depending on the issue and on the outcome you want. The role I fill can best be described in the following manner: most likely you can lift up a chair by yourself however if you want to lift up a couch it is more than likely you will need help from someone. 

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